Meet our Performing Members! Better yet, come hear them perform.  Check out our Tuesday Meeting webpage to see who is performing or go to our Facebook page.

If you are a musician who loves performing for a very appreciative audience, please contact our Auditions Chairman Jane Perkyns for an audition.


Nancy Angerstein, clarinet
Olive Chen, cello
Kelly DeVaney, flute
June Garrison, clarinet
Alicia Harris, flute
Carolyn Krysl Hutchinson, flute
Bruce Leon, oboe
Martha Lisle, cello
Sonya Matoussova, cello
Molly Mayfield, clarinet/bass clarinet
Steven McMillan, viola/violin
Deborah Moran, violin


Dr. Krume Andreevski, solo/ensemble
Cynthia Blackwell, ensemble
Rada Bukhman, solo
Meryl Ettelson, solo/ensemble
Anne Franc, solo
Zhengyi Huang, solo
Madge Waterston Hunt, solo/ensemble
Yigal Kass, solo
Galina Lay, solo/ensemble
Sharon Ley Lietzow, solo/ensemble
Dr. Matthew Loudermilk, solo
Gayle Martin, solo
Dr. Jane Perkyns, solo/ensemble
Katarina Ryndina-Loudermilk, solo
Charlie Tauber, ensemble
Marina Tishkova, solo
Alina Uddin, solo/ensemble
Janice Van Derbur, solo/ensemble
Dr. Roy Wylie, solo/ensemble
Ying Zhang, solo


Dr. Isabelle Ganz
Bruce Leon
Dr. Robert Nelson


Anita Bonanno, soprano
Nancy Shelton Bratic, soprano
Sonja Bruzauskas, mezzo-soprano
Mary Kay Buehler, mezzo-soprano
Alicia Chew, soprano, conductor (chorus)
Kelli Estes, soprano
Frances Fenton, dramatic soprano
Dr. Isabelle Ganz, mezzo-soprano
Christy Larimer-Compson, mezzo-soprano
Dominique McCormick, soprano
Todd Miller, tenor
Marion Norris, mezzo-soprano
Suzanne (Suzie) Melton Pearson, contralto
Elizabeth Sjoberg, soprano
Sandra Van Cleve, contralto, voice teacher


White Oak Trio
Martha Lisle, cello
Steven McMillan, violin


Catherine Woodruff, vocals, mezzo-soprano